Webinar: Demystifying Request to Pay

An Industry Perspective



Insights include

Request to Pay is one of the most talked about initiatives in the payments industry at present. To better understand and explore prevailing perspectives on Request to Pay, Icon Solutions has surveyed and interviewed a range of over 50 industry stakeholders including leading global corporate banks, retail banks and payment service providers (PSPs).

In allowing payees to initiate requests for payments within a secure messaging channel, and with the ability for data to travel with the payment request, Request to Pay enables new flexible ways for money to move between people, organisations, and businesses. Yet despite widespread interest and increasing recognition of its potential to offer new and improved services, the path to widespread adoption remains unclear.

Using the results of unique and primary research, this session will:

- Provide fresh insight into industry demand and emerging use-cases,

- Delve into the key factors driving and shaping deployment and adoption,

- Look at the opportunity for Request to Pay and how it will challenge traditional payment options like cards and direct debits,

- Explore what the future holds for Request to Pay services.


Joining the discussion:

- Adrian Smyth, Domestic Sterling Scheme and Innovation & Partnerships Lead | Payments @NatWest
- Simon Brooks, Faster Payments Service Line Manager @Pay.UK
- Louise Shorthouse, Senior Payments Consultant @Icon Solutions
- Moderated by Ali Paterson, Director @Fintech Finance

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